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About Us

We started our company with a retail store in Virginia Beach.  As the allergy free food market matured and many of the foods we carried were available in mainstream grocery stores, we shut the store down and eventually our online store.  Our website is now dedicated to be a source of allergy free food information for our users.  We have a catalog with a variety of allergy free foods.  Our dietary search tool will help you find foods that meet your special diet needs.  We are constantly searching for new foods to add to the catalog. We also maintain a blog that we share the latest information affecting the lives of those living with food allergies and special diets.  We hope that you will find our website useful.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the community with a trusted partner to assist anyone looking to better their health through safe food choices in the most socially responsible manner. We strive to create a company that provides value to a customer’s shopping experience and exceeds each customer’s expectations. We will continually search for products and services to help customers live with their food sensitivities or unique dietary needs.


Our History 


I am the mother of a son, Vaughn, with multiple food allergies. As a result of a discussion with my good friend Laura Lippert Jensen (who was diagnosed with Celiac disease) about how food can affect a body’s health, I decided to talk to Vaughn’s doctor about a persistent patch of eczema on his face. A blood test later, life was completely changed for our family.

Vaughn was diagnosed with allergies to wheat, eggs, yeast, soy, and corn at 18 months old (later we would learn the hard way that Vaughn was very allergic to peanuts and tree nuts as well). This began the journey through the land mine to find acceptable food products—if one product was soy free, it would contain corn or vice versa. I learned quickly that finding safe foods required a lot of time to research and contact manufacturers for information. Concepts of cross-contamination or allergen-sourced ingredients became essential to keeping Vaughn safe.

After dealing with the difficulty of finding acceptable foods for Vaughn, I realized that the Hampton Roads area lacked a central location with allergy-free foods. Grocery shopping for Vaughn turned into a day-long trip to multiple grocery stores. And even then, there was a lack of knowledgeable personnel that could provide any information on allergy-free foods. Fed up with this, I set out to create my own solution: a one stop shopping location in Virginia Beach and online where foods could be purchased with full confidence that they were safe. I have since closed our store but still maintain this website to help those with special diets.

I have since found out that my older son, Nyle, has Celiac Disease, so my journey of education with special diets continues.  I hope to use my continuing education to pass on to others the joy of finding food products that will help provide a source of normalcy in the lives of those affected by food sensitivities.


Our Name

NVA kids

We have a lot of people inquire about the origins of our company name. It is an acronym for our three beautiful children: Nyle (21) and Vaughn (9) and Nina (7).