Aleia's Savory Gluten Free Stuffing Mix

Aleia's Savory Gluten Free Stuffing Mix
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Weight: 12 oz

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This gluten free stuffing mix is all natural and delicious. Serves 6.


Filtered water, white rice flour, brown rice flour, eggs, corn starch, tapioca flour, canola oil, nonfat dry milk, brown sugar, potato flour, yeast, guar gum, salt, herbs & spices.

Note: Manufacturers change ingredients from time to time so the products you see on the store shelf or that you receive through online ordering may not be identical to those shown here.  Please examine the package in the store or that you receive via mail for accurate and updated information about the product.

Manufacturing Information: 

Manufactured in a gluten free facility.  The plant does process Peanuts and Tree Nuts.

Note: Manufacturers change manufacturing processes from time to time without notice. If you experience adverse reactions to minute amounts of an ingredient and are in doubt as to whether this product is safe, please do not consume the product and contact the manufacturer to verify its safety.

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