Explore Asian Organic Black Bean Spaghetti

Explore Asian Organic Black Bean Spaghetti
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Explore Asian


USDA Organic Explore Asian Bean Pastas cook up to a perfect Al Dente texture and unlike most gluten free pasta, this product does not easily overcook. * Gluten free * High protein * Low carbs * Tastes great * Vegan

Manufactured in China.


Organic black beans, water.

Note: Manufacturers change ingredients from time to time so the products you see on the store shelf or that you receive through online ordering may not be identical to those shown here.  Please examine the package in the store or that you receive via mail for accurate and updated information about the product.

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Note: Manufacturers change manufacturing processes from time to time without notice. If you experience adverse reactions to minute amounts of an ingredient and are in doubt as to whether this product is safe, please do not consume the product and contact the manufacturer to verify its safety.

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Think I figured out the carb thing


To those commenters wondering about the carb controversy, I think I figured it out. I think this product is made from black SOY beans, not black beans. I have a can of black soy beans in my cupboard, and looking on the back, for 1/2 cup (130g), you get 11 grams of protein, 8 grams of carbohydrate, and 7 grams of dietary fiber, for a net carb count of only 1 gram per half cup. The can itself boasts that it is high in protein and fiber and low in carbs. It's black soy beans from Eden Organic, if you want to check it out.

But anyway, apparently, black soy beans are higher in fiber and protein than just regular black beans, so if these noodles are made from them, then their carb count is about right.

I made some for dinner last night, and they were DELICIOUS. I tossed them in infused olice oil (herbs de provence) with parmesean cheese and fresh garlic and basil. I made myself one serving, but my boyfriend and I were having steak and salad, too, and pasta was just the side dish, so I didn't even eat the whole serving (he eats regular pasta). There was no increase in my blood sugar and no indication that the carb count is higher than it says, so I think it's safe for us low-carb or paleo dieters! I am so happy, too. I really missed spaghetti! 

Carbs in Explor Asian Black Bean Spaghetti

I believe that NEITHER the package NOR what is on the website is correct!  I have been doing a fair amount of research on the subject and it seems that it is not possible to remove the fiber from dried pasta.  That said, black beans are much higher in protein relative to fiber than other beans.  Typically and ounce of dried black beans has 95 calories per ounce, 1/3g Fat, 17 carbs, 4.3G Fiber, 1 g sugar, and 6g protein.  The pasta is for 1.75 ounces and has about twice the amount of calories as dry beans, so we can assume that the pasta is even a bit trier than the beans.  However, their package shows 4.5 grams of fat (this would be really high for that amount of dried beans), 16 carbs (this would be quite low) and 20.5 g of protein.  Even assuming that this is a higher protein bean than the typical one (and they DO vary, esp. within the soybean/black bean families) I think we can assume at the very least that the product would have 4.3g Fiber....and my guess is that they should be saying "5g" instead of ".5g" in their literature.  There is one place were I actually saw that it had 5g online and wish I could remember where it was.  I believe that you should assume that it has 5g of fiber (at a minimum), and if 16-5=11 net carbs is too much for you, then make your choice accordingly.  However, I have learned that the starch in beans is primarily a "resistant starch", and "resistant starches" pass through the body, unlike starchy carbs that you are trying to avoid on a low-carb diet.  Do some reading about this, and check out Dr. Fuhrman's literature on resistant starches.  I used to be a low carber, and still am in some ways (in that I avoid sugar and heavy starches), but beans should be a low-carbers friends, and the pasta will be no exception.



We are a retailer for this product.  We do not manufacture it so we have no control over the information that is put onto the package.  The information on our website comes from the packages of pasta we carried in the store.  If you would like to correspond with the manufacturer for clarification, their website is http://www.opal-export.com/ and you can reach them through the contact us page.


The PACKAGE says that this product has 17g carbs with 12g of fiber for a net of 5g carbs.  Great for low-carbers - BUT.....

every other website including THIS ONE say that this item has 16g of carbs and .5g fiber for a net of 15.5 - that's a HUGE DIFFERENCE!  I am irritated that I bought & ate this on the premise that it is low-carb, especially since being thrilled to find a low-carb "pasta".  I don't know where they get their information or who is right, but I won't be eating this again until I find out what's RIGHT - $4.99 down the drain!

I don't like beans and this does not taste like them!

I bought it to force myself to eat beans/veggie protein and am totally wowed... I do not like beans and this does not taste like them at all! No taste really beyond what you might expect from regular pasta... highly recommended, wish I'd tried it much sooner!


How does this pasta have so much protein?  Other black bean noodles usually have close to 0 protein... as do most gluten free pasta.  I have a hard time believing the nutrition facts on the label.  Convince me it's legit...



Packed with protein, fiber an no added crap!

Simple and easy to cook to,

I love this stuff- eat it a


I love this stuff- eat it a couple times a week. My only question is how on earth do they turn bean into pasta without any added ingredients? And where does all the fiber go?


Mung Super Star

My friend got me hooked on this stuff a few months back. I love all the protein, I love that I can eat beans without actually eating beans, and my boyfriend...yes, I got him hooked. He walked around the house saying the word "mung" for like weeks after I made it for him. He buys it all the time now and makes it all on his very own! Each one teach one...and this stuff is definitely a class act! A+

I really like this stuff. 

I really like this stuff.  It's great!  It has a nice flavor and a normal texture when eaten cold, unlike most gluten-free pastas.  I recommend cooking it al dente.   You also can't beat its high protein and fiber content-I stay full for hours after eating it.