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Icon Guide

Navan Foods goal is to make shopping for special diets easier. To that end, we have created our icon system that provides important ingredient status and other pertinent special diet information. These icons are not meant to replace your personal determination of safety and appropriateness for consumption or use of the products. We encourage our customers to use the icons as a guide to find safe foods, but to still read all ingredients and other manufacturer-provided information as ingredients and processes are changed constantly.

The information for these icons comes from the product's ingredients on the product itself or the manufacturer’s website.

We have three types of icons to assist you in the purchasing process: Made Without Icons; Special Diet Icons; and, Healthy Option Icons. We provide the following as a guide for you in regards to the interpretation of our icons.

Made Without Icons

These icons designate the ingredients a product is made without. For example, if you see the Peanut icon in the Allergy Information box on the product page, then you should interpret this to mean that there are no Peanut ingredients in the product.  Please note that this icon does not indicate the ingredients that may be processed on the equipment or in the plant, just the ingredients that are used to formulate the product.  For information on the allergens that are present in the manufacturing facility, please read the manufacturing information below the icon section found on the page for each product.

No Egg

Egg or any ingredient derived from egg.

No Wheat

Wheat (incl. durum wheat, club wheat, spelt, semolina, einkorn, emmer, kamut and triticale) or any ingredient derived from wheat.

No Gluten

Gluten (incl. wheat, rye, barley & oats if not GF) or any ingredient derived from gluten.

No Dairy

No Casein

Dairy (includes casein, whey, lactose) or any ingredient derived from dairy.



No Soy

Soy (includes lecithin, oil) or any ingredient derived from soy.

No Yeast

Yeast (incl. yeasts such as Baker's or Brewer's yeast) or any ingredient derived from yeast.

No Peanut

Peanut (incl. peanut oil) or any ingredient derived from peanut.

No Tree Nut

Tree Nut (incl. almond, beech nut, brazil nut, butternut, cashew, chestnut, chinquapin, coconut, filbert/hazelnut, ginko nut, hickory nut, lichee nut,macadamia nut, pecan, pine nut, pili nut, pistachio, shea nut and walnut) or any ingredient derived from tree nuts.*

No Corn

Corn or any ingredient derived from corn such as xanthan gum or vitamins used to enrich/fortify foods.

No Sesame

Sesame or any ingredient derived from sesame.

No Sulfite

Sulfite or or any ingredient derived from sulfites.

No Shellfish

Crustacean Shellfish or any ingredient derived from crustacean shellfish.

No Fish

Fish or any ingredient derived from fish.

No Potato

Potato or any ingredient derived from potatoes.

No Rice

Rice or any ingredient derived from rice.

*It is our experience that some manufacturers do not recognize coconut as a Tree Nut. Therefore, a manufacturer may process coconut in their facility but still claim to be a Tree Nut free facility. We do not have visibility into manufacturer's facilities to be able to clarify, but we do try to provide information regarding the presence of Coconut when it is available.

Specialty Diets

In our questionnaire, we also give manufacturers the opportunity to declare the status on other attributes as well. Some of these attributes require certifications such as Kosher and GFCO. We take the manufacturer’s word that they indeed have the certification. In most cases, you can verify this information by looking at the product’s packaging. Only certified manufacturers are permitted to display the certification symbols.

For other attributes, such as Diabetic Friendly and All Natural, there is no regulated definition that qualifies a product to be called these terms. Our aim was to provide a more streamlined method of finding choices that may be Diabetic Friendly or All Natural through the use of these icons. For every product we have on the site, we have provided Ingredient information as well as Nutritional Information to help you determine if a product does meet your needs. And as always, we strongly encourage that once you have the product in hand to inspect all ingredients and nutritional information as manufacturers are always changing product formulations and manufacturing processes.

The following is a list queried attributes for specialty diets:






Kosher Dairy Icon

Kosher Dairy

Kosher Parve Icon

Kosher Parve

Diabetic Friendly

Diabetic Friendly



Non GMO Verified

Non-GMO Verified.  Verified through the Non-GMO Verification project.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade Certified.  Certified through Fair Trade USA that the product and ingredients have been purchased from certified farms and organizations, companies have paid Fair Trade prices and premiums and submit to a rigorous supply chain audits.


Gluten Free Certified (GFCO).  Certified through the Gluten Intolerance Group program to meet their gluten free standard.

All Natural

All Natural


Healthy Options

We also display icons to designated products that are:


Low Fat

Low Fat

Low Cholesterol

Low Cholesterol

Low Sodium

Low Sodium

Sugar Free

Sugar Free


These terms are regulated by the FDA and we assume that when manufacturers state their products meet one of these attributes, they are in concert with FDA regulations. For definitions of the FDAs nutrient content claims, click here.

Manufacturing Information

In addition to the icons, we also provide information about a product’s manufacturing environment that is provided by the manufacturer on its product or on its website.  When reading about the Manufacturing Information, use the following information to help you determine if a product is safe for you:

• We will clearly state whether a facility is a dedicated facility free from a specific allergen. For example, if a manufacturer has indicated that a product is made in a Peanut Free environment, we will state “Manufactured in a dedicated facility free from Peanuts”.

• In some cases, the information might state that the equipment is shared by Soy and Dairy. DO NOT ASSUME that this means that there are no other allergens present on the equipment. Some manufacturers only have information regarding the Top 8 allergens. Therefore, in this case the equipment might process products with Sesame or Sulfites. Again, we will clearly state when there is a dedicated manufacturing resource.