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Allergy Friendly Chocolate Sunflower Clusters: Easy to Make

We've been dealing with an asthma flare-up for the past few days so I've been awaking every four hours to do the scheduled nebulizer treatment. I've been able to catch some really great cooking shows on Public Television's Create channel like Simply Ming with Ming Tsai (who is well known to the allergy community as a national spokesperson for FARE) and  Kitchen Wisdom of Cecilia Chang.

I caught an episode of Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way where at the end of the episode he demonstrated how to make his well-loved holiday treats. Even in the early, early morning, it looked like an easy treat to be made so I tried it. And it came out great. And the best part of this treat is that it can be made with just about anything. Basically, you melt chocolate, put the item you want to cover into the bowl with the chocolate and then spoon it out to chill in the refrigerator. 

I used Enjoy Life Foods Dark Chocolate Morsels and Sunrich Natural Organic Sunflower Kernels. Our biggest worry with sunflower seeds is cross-contact with nuts during processing and the package states on the back nut free. Very rare that we find this.

The first thing I did was melt the chocolate with a glass bowl on top of a boiling pan of water.

Melting chocolate

Once melted, I put in the sunflower seeds until it seemed like there were more sunflower seeds than chocolate in the bowl.

Sunflowers in melted chocolate

Then you spoon it out your surface to then chill in the refrigerator. I put mine on parchment paper.

Spooned sunflower chocolate mixture

Pop them in the fridge for awhile and then eat when ready. It is super fast to make these, just the time to melt the chocolate and spoon the mixture which was about 10 minutes in total.