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Auvi Q Recall - What To Do

Last night I received notice that there was an Auvi Q recall due to dosage issue in the autoinjectors.  Their website listed a number to call for information.  Many complained about receiving a message that the number was invalid.  Sanofi attributed this to the abundance of calls. 

This morning I called and received the same message at least ten times, but then finally got put into eternal hold.  An hour and a half later (yes you read correctly), a representative came online.  Here's what will happen when you finally get through:

  • The rep will tell you that you need to contact your healthcare professional to get a prescription for an alternate epinephrine injector and to save your proof of purchase
  • The rep will ask for basic information
  • The rep will explain that in about 5 days you will receive a pre-paid mailing envelope that you will use to mail back the recalled Auvi Qs and your proof of purchase.

I asked the representative whether there would be a limit on how many replacements for which they reimbursed the patient.  We get several sets filled at one time to have in various location.  She said that Sanofi would reimburse for the epi you have replaced, regardless of quantity.  Of course the bad news is that you have to pay out of pocket up front for the replacements.