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Kitchology Website Helping Those With Food Allergies

Kitchology Website

Kitchology is a social cooking platform enabling people with food allergies, intolerances and special diets to rediscover the world of food by empowering them to customize recipes they will love. It is available on the web at and as an apple app available here.

Kitchology’s sophisticated substitution engine provides personalized ingredient recommendations, making meal planning, shopping, and preparation. The platform starts with top eight allergy conditions and will add more diets over time. We know how helpful the search tool on our website has been to those searching for foods and Kitchology offers the same helpful tool when searching for recipes. When you visit their Recipe page, you are able choose "Foods To Avoid" and when clicked will return those recipes made without those foods.

The Kitchology blog supports the community of people dealing with special diets. It provides recipe tips for ingredient substitutions, reducing sugar, fat, salt, eating vegan, paleo and more. You can read the latest science based information on health, nutrition, food safety along with current food technology trends. Kitchology helps consumers decide better, so they eat better. So head on over to the website and explore!