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Update on the Gluten Free Version of a Pop Tart

Glutino Pop TartsImage courtesy of Glutino

About a year and a half ago, we posted on the launch of a much awaited gluten free version of the Pop Tart®. This generated a lot of interest, but customers were disappointed after the company experienced many delays in bringing the product to market. Now, we have found that Glutino has created its own version of a gluten free toaster pastry in two flavors: Apple Cinnamon and Strawberry.

Each box comes with five toaster pastries and it has been noted in the comments of Glutino’s Facebook page that they do not have the traditional icing topping which is attributed to the company making them “health minded”. In regards to allergens, the pastries do contain egg but there is no warning regarding cross contamination with other allergens (the company’s policy from its website states “We state ‘may contain traces of’ on our packaging if there is a risk of cross contamination with one of the 8 top allergens.") 

Glutino says that the pastries are exclusively available now in Whole Foods Markets but after May 1st, will be available in other stores.