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You Had Me at Scramble: Our Try with the VeganEgg



Follow Your Heart has a new product on the market: VeganEgg. This product caught our eye because right on the front it says you can scramble it - you’re supposed to be able to use it like a real egg. All of the other egg alternatives that we've used don’t offer this feature. The packaging of the VeganEgg is cute. It’s a quarter egg carton. Inside you find a bag with powder. Intrigued and excited by the fact that our son has never had an omelet, I bought it and tried it.

The directions instruct you to mix two tablespoons of the powder with one half cup of ice cold water and then to whisk briskly for the equivalent of one egg. After doing this, I put a little milk as I always do with my omelets (yes, we are not vegan and yes dairy is one of the few top 8 that our son can have) and poured it into the pan. One thing I did note was that there was an sulfur-like egg smell after whisking it.

I let it sit in the pan and cook for awhile. Once it seemed firm, I added some cheese and chives and let it sit some more and then did the half flip for the omelet. And the omelet was done.

Our son liked it. I tasted it. I can eat eggs so to me it was egg like texture but not quite an egg taste. You can see from the picture above that while it was cooking, it raised off of the pan. It does get a fluff once its heated which makes me hopeful for making pao de quiejo, which is an egg intensive bread and with the egg replacer it becomes a little rock once it cools down. Hopefully, we can get a better result using the VeganEgg (follow up post will come soon with results). I have used it in calzones using the Namaste Pizza mix and our son said it was “boss”. He said the crust was really good. I tried it and it did have that “fluff” to it. So if you can find it, it’s worth a try with your recipes.