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Only One More Miss Roben's - Allergy Grocer Mix Left

Miss Robens Allergy Grocer MixSince the closing of Miss Roben’s and Allergy Grocer, we have had many contacts from individuals desperately searching for any of the Miss Roben’s mixes left. We had a select few and now our Miss Roben's/Allergy Grocer stock has dwindled down to one mix, the Mock Goldfish Cracker Mix. The expiration date for the remaining stock is November 11.

We hope to be able to get these to anyone who is having trouble finding safe mixes since there are relatively few out there that are as allergy friendly as Miss Roben’s mixes were. We’ve discounted these mixes by 50% in case somebody would like to stock up. Please spread the word to anyone you know who may need these mixes.


Since my son-in-law cannot have any grain but tapioca and potato we are lost without Miss Roben's cake mixes. We want them badly. How can we find them???? What do I need to do??